The People v Batman v Superman

Two huge DC Comics fans analyze and discuss Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scene by scene. The film was a critical failure, but are there any redeeming qualities? We look at the good, the bad (mostly bad) and what we hope for the future of DC's film plan. The People v Batman v Superman is hosted by Chris Ayers and Dennis Cooper. In Episode 0 we introduce ourselves and talk about some of the comic story lines that influenced the film, as well as other recent DC films like Nolan's Batman Trilogy, Man of Steel and Watchmen.
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Two huge DC Comics fans discuss, analyze and criticize Batman v Superman scene by scene on a weekly podcast. We also feature guests with various viewpoints.

Nov 13, 2016

On this episode we're joined by Dr. Christine Schreyer, the anthropologist who created the written Kryptonian language for Man of Steel. She tells us of some easter eggs hidden in the language that have a surprising relationship to Batman v Superman. We also talk about other aspects of Kryptonian culture present in the film, as well as Superman's Canadian heritage. And don't forget about the ongoing superhero battle in the cereal aisle, where you can see some of Dr. Schreyer's work on Superman Caramel Crunch. (By the way, it's way better than the Batman Chocolate Strawberry cereal).

Nov 6, 2016

We're dealing with the aftermath of the Senate bombing as Batman breaks into LexCorp and steals the Kryptonite, and Lois and Superman have a deep conversation where it looks like Superman has all but given up. Lex enters the Kryptonian ship using General Zod's fingerprints. The we have a montage of Bruce Wayne training, constructing Kryptonite weapons and browsing Lex's secret files. He gets a glimpse of other metahumans, including and old photo of Diana that has leaves him wondering, "Who's that girl?"