The People v Batman v Superman

Two huge DC Comics fans analyze and discuss Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scene by scene. The film was a critical failure, but are there any redeeming qualities? We look at the good, the bad (mostly bad) and what we hope for the future of DC's film plan. The People v Batman v Superman is hosted by Chris Ayers and Dennis Cooper. In Episode 0 we introduce ourselves and talk about some of the comic story lines that influenced the film, as well as other recent DC films like Nolan's Batman Trilogy, Man of Steel and Watchmen.
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Two huge DC Comics fans discuss, analyze and criticize Batman v Superman scene by scene on a weekly podcast. We also feature guests with various viewpoints.

Sep 18, 2016

We're joined by former comic shop owner Marco Regalado. Marco was a top five finalist for The Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retail Award in 2012. We follow Lois Lane into the men's restroom where she confronts Secretary Swanwick about the mysterious bullet. Perry White yells at Clark Kent for failing to do his job. Bruce Wayne finds Diana Prince at a museum gala and asks for his stolen drive back.

Sep 11, 2016

Clark Kent calls his mom in the middle of the night and doesn't quite get the advice he was looking for. Lois Lane visits Dr. Jenet Klyburn (Jena Malone), a character who was cut out of the theatrical version. Clark does some research into The Batman and finds some DC easter eggs. Wallace Keefe gets a present from Lex Luthor, and the bat-branded inmate gets shanked in the prison yard.

Sep 4, 2016

Great Ceasar's Ghost! It's an all Superman episode! We're joined by Superman superfan Jeff Moriarty to chat about the Man of Steel. We're covering the montage sequence of Superman performing heroic deeds, but does it really feel heroic? Why doesn't Superman seem to be enjoying this?  Do we really need a montage? We compare this Superman to previous versions, including Man of Steel, Superman Returns and the original Richard Donner Superman films.